Cinderella in the Tourney

Posted: March 31, 2013 by Ndiggy in MarchMadness

Wichita State is in the final four!!!   They ain’t called the Shockers for nothing.  People love seeing underdogs win because it’s unexpected and real fans hate seeing the favorites win unless it happens to be their own team.  This is the beauty of March madness and why so many people get excited about the tournament year after year.  With a one game elimination anything can happen and often times anything does happen.  In other professional sports like basketball, baseball and hockey there are long drawn out series where the better team normally wins.  The one game do or die scenario adds so much more excitement to just watching a game as a sports fan. The only sport we get this in is football and since the lights are out in all stadiums not just New Orleans we must wait until September.  But for now we still have a few more games left in the tournament and a Cinderella in Wichita State.  I know who I’m rooting for in the dirty south next week, and if your team isn’t in the final four or you have no shot at winning your bracket then I know who your rooting for too.


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