Step Right Up: Ride the Romo Rollercoaster!!

Posted: March 31, 2013 by OnDNxtLvl in Contracts, NFL


A seesaw battle, the 2012 NFC East title and a playoff spot on the line, three minutes left to play and the Dallas Cowboys are in prime position to take the lead.  Yet Cowboys haters are all at ease.  You see, The Dallas Cowboys are relying on Tony Romo to lead a season saving drive and performing and such feats just aren’t his forte.  Sure, toss him into a week 6 scenario, down 6 points with two minutes left and he’ll lead you to the promise land.  Romo is a supremely gifted athlete and QB.  But when the chips are on the table and you need his talents to shine he’s as dull as a Ferris Bueller’s Econ teacher – “anyone…anyone?”.  Anyone but Tony Romo.  Against the 30th ranked defense, the Washington Redskins, Tony Romo decided to throw what could only be described as his most careless and ugliest pass of the season.  A duck lob pass to Demarco Murray in the flat.  The lob quacked its way squarely into the palms of Redskins LB Rob Jackson, Tony’s third intercepted pass of the game.  That play sealed the loss, the second consecutive season ending with a loss in a win – or go home season finale.  The third time in the last five seasons he has had an opportunity to win the NFC East in week 17 and lost.

Whether he’s throwing three interceptions against the ‘Skins or blowing the hold on a game winning kick in the playoffs he’s the NFL’s most entertaining form of a disaster – our Daytona 500 ten car wreck.  Or more importantly, Jerry Jones’ ten car wreck.  Jones’ GM skills adeptly allowed for Romo’s agent to negotiate for Romo’s contract to end immediately after the 2013 season instead of during the “franchise” period, as most contracts do.  This basically gave Romo all the leverage in negotiating a franchise record contract, earning him $57 million in the first three years of his 6 year extension worth $108 million.  In Romo’s 6 ½ years as the Cowboys starter he has orchestrated a number of spectacular flame-outs.  Is he worth the nearly $60 million headed his way in the next few years?  Jerry Jones believes so.  Apparently he’s a fan of rollercoaster’s.



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