Cano on Jay-Z’s roster

Posted: April 4, 2013 by OnDNxtLvl in Contracts, Yankees

cano smile

Scott Boras was blindsided.  Jay-Z, aka Hova, aka Jigga, aka the Best Rapper Alive, swooped in from seemingly out of nowhere and landed Boras’ prize client – Robinson Cano.  The 30-year-old (at least we think he’s 30) second-baseman for the N.Y. Yankees will be a free-agent after this season.  Come this offseason he’ll have his choice of numerous suitors trampling over each-other vying for a shot to pay Cano in the neighborhood of $200 million.  Cano’s former agent, Scott Boras was looking at a $6,000,000 payday for securing said contract and with a simple tweet that paycheck disappeared.


Robinson tweeted this picture shortly after signing with Roc Nation.

However, Jay-Z and his Roc-Nation sports agency didn’t stumble upon Cano.  This was masterfully calculated.  Jay-Z has spent time cozying up to Robinson over the past few years.  Cano has grown to revere Jay-Z, a business savvy entertainer who came from meager beginnings to a current net worth of nearly half a billion dollars.  Hova knows you only make a portion of your earnings as an entertainer, the real turn-key to wealth is branding.  Building an image and milking it for all its worth – be it via marketing opportunities or business collaborations.  This was all lost on Scott, which is why he couldn’t see this coming.  Boras is infamous for squeezing every last dollar out of an MLB teams coffers during contract negotiations – more willing to send his player to Siberia than accept $5 less than what he’s worth.  But he doesn’t have the vision or off the field connections a media mogul like Jay-Z brandishes.  Cano has stated he wants to be more involved in opportunities off the field much like his partner in the middle infield, Derek Jeter, who made $9 million in endorsements in 2012.  Jay-Z has the influence and leverage to secure his clients lucrative endorsement deals and the experience to create a viable brand.


N.Y. Giants WR Victor Cruz has learned this first hand.  He parlayed his gimmicky touchdown celebration, a salsa dance, to guest appearances on morning shows and national advertising campaigns.  During the 2012 season Victor added another celebration to his repertoire, the Diamond hand sign – synonymous with the Roc Nation group.  Victor is a near lock to sign with the Roc Nation sports agency – another impending free-agent added to the growing agency.  Jay-Z lends credibility to this group and he’s after the sports worlds brightest talents.  He has eyes on building a sport empire.  Agents beware, the dominoes are falling.  Your star client could be next



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