We Stand With Boston…

Posted: April 16, 2013 by B in Sports

When do we heal?

Tragedy hit American soil against yesterday with the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Sports has always helped us to move forward with some normalcy after tragic events, this was different. This was at sporting event, an event that many of thousands came to participate and support as part of the tradition of Patriot Day in Boston.  Three are dead and an estimated 170 are injured at this historic sporting event.

Sports seem to always bring some normalcy back to the crazy world we live in. Today we play ball, drop the puck, and go to center court for the tip, but our thoughts and prayers go to the city of Boston

NY Sports Nutz…

  1. eman163 says:

    I won’t lie I found myself rooting for Boston yesterday and was happy with the moment of silence at Yankee Stadium yesterday and also even more pleased with their tribute to them during third quarter with “Sweet Carolina.” Prayers go out to the 3 deceased and the many more injured.

  2. B says:

    I agree…I think the great rivalries between New York and Boston only add to our appreciation and support of Boston. Prayers and support to Boston!

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