Chip Kelly Won’t Duck Suspension

Posted: April 17, 2013 by OnDNxtLvl in BREAKING NEWS, NFL


Coach Chip Kelly is overseeing the Philadelphia Eagles first team reps, watching Vick overthrow his receivers and Nick Foles mix-up audible’s.  Ah yes, the future is bright for Eagles fans.  But will Chip be around during week one to see it?  I don’t think he will.

Chip led the high-powered Oregon Ducks to four BCS Bowl games during his four year as their head coach.  But persistent rumors regarding impending sanctions for major recruiting infractions are coming to fruition.  Oregon has admitted to a number of violations including paying a recruitment firm over $25,000 to recruit players for them, placing over 700 illegal phone calls to recruits and utilizing too many coaches as recruiters during the recruitment period.  Oregon calls these, among other violations “major violations” but are levying very minor sanctions on themselves – 2 years probation and a reduction of one scholarship per year for three years.  The NCAA views Oregon’s misdeeds as true “major” violations and will likely impose much more harmful punishment – citing much of the info Oregon has brought to light is antiquated and there is more to the story.

So how does this affect Chip?  He was very much aware of the fact the NCAA was investigating his program during last season.  After initially rebuffing the Eagles advances he decided to make the jump to the NFL, leaving Oregon University in a lurch and escaping punishment.  But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NCAA have teamed up in the past to punish individuals leaving college programs under similar situations.

Nearly two years ago Goodell suspended former Ohio State star QB Terrelle Pryor for violations he committed while playing for Ohio State, saying in a statement “I do not believe that a player who has affirmatively acted contrary to NCAA rules should automatically and immediately be deemed eligible to pursue a potentially lucrative career in the NFL.  Doing so would be inconsistent with common-sense notions of accountability and personal responsibility…”  Pryor’s former coach, Jim Tressel, attempted to join the NFL after being fired from Ohio State.  He was hired by the Colts as an consultant.  The Colts issued a 6 game ban on Tressel, due to the fact that Tressel’s former players were concurrently serving bans from the NCAA and NFL.  Goodell said regarding Tressl’s ban, “I support their decision, I think it was a wise one.  I think it was clear that if they didn’t take the appropriate action, I would’ve taken appropriate action.”

Given Goodell’s love of suspending anything with a pulse I don’t see how it’s possible Chip escapes a suspension.  He bailed out on Oregon right on time, he won’t have to deal with the obvious reduction of scholarships, playoff bans and the embarrassment of being fired or dealing with the national media hounding him about his disgraced program.  However he and the Eagles will have to deal with his suspension, but maybe it’s for the best – he won’t have to watch Mike Vick’s four turnovers in week one.


  1. Matt says:

    They didn’t do anything to Pete in Seattle.

  2. OnDNxtLvl says:

    True – but the suspensions of Pryor and Tressel came a year after the hiring of with Pete Carroll, setting the more relevant precedent. You’ll also note that Reggie Bush escaped a suspension, even though he was at the center of the USC violations and lost his Heisman trophy.

  3. Collegeexpert says:

    Oregonlive not getting anything major. Two scholi’s for three years. Chip is safe.

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