Where Brooklyn At??!!

Posted: May 6, 2013 by OnDNxtLvl in Uncategorized


Round two of the Eastern Conference Playoffs have begun without the disappointing Brooklyn Nets – even though they had everything breaking their way going into game seven vs. the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose was doing his best Jeremy Lin impression (sitting out even while healthy enough to play), both Luol Deng and Kirk Henrich were out with injuries, Nate Robinson was fresh off of throwing up into trash cans during game 6 and Joakim Noah was playing on just one foot. So all BK had to do was show up, right? Seems they took that sentiment to heart. The effort of the BK Nets during their game 7 showdown with the Bulls was just despicable. They got all around effort from their only two bulldogs, Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans, the rest of the team was listless and played uninspired ball.  Their big three, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez were handily out hustled by the Chicago Bulls. After the game, Brook Lopez said, “they just had more energy and focus than we did….we didn’t match their intensity”. That’s a sad statement and an indictment of the Nets roster.


Marco Belinelli let the Nets know who had the bigger, errr, heart on Saturday night.

If you can’t get up for a game seven of the NBA playoffs on your home court, what will you get up for? The Nets are all in on their big three, so the easy fix here is to dump the coach.  PJ Carlesimo will not be retained, that announcement was made the day following the Nets ouster from the playoffs. There are a number of dream scenarios for BK fans. Phil Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy being swayed out of retirement to coach this group? Sorry guys, I don’t see that happening. The Celtics letting Doc Rivers out of his contract as Danny Ainge blows up the roster and starts over? Also, not likely. More feasible is the hiring of a Stan Van Gundy, famously fired during the end of the Dwight Howard saga in Orlando.  All this will be moot point however, if the Nets don’t find some heart, some guts and show up to play in the playoffs instead of botching the opportunity of a lifetime.  On the bright side, the Nets gave us the ever-lasting memory of allowing Marco Bellini perform the “big cojones” dance on their home court after hitting a big three-pointer with five minutes left in game 7.  The Chicago faithful thank you and longtime Nets fans aren’t surprised.  New building – same old Nets



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