We Need More Players Like This!

Posted: May 8, 2013 by B in MLB, Shangri-La

You have probably seen the random act of kindness the Dodgers Matt Kemp displayed at a recent game against the Giants at AT&T Park (If you haven’t, check it out below). An ailing boy, Joshua, and his father were in the stands and the boy’s father struck up a conversation with the Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach throughout the game. He explained that Joshua was sick and Matt Kemp was his favorite player. As Kemp made the final out of the game, Wallach looked for Kemp in the dugout and brought him over to Joshua. What took place next is why many of us have sports heros and are fans of athletes. Kemp signed a ball, gave Joshua his hat, jersey, and game spikes, shook both Joshua and his father’s hand and ran back to the Dodger dugout.

As you watch the video, look at Joshua’s face and how his eyes light up. This is what sports does and why we still look for heros in it. Despite the millions of dollars athletes are paid, the PED scandals, the cheaters, and the liars, there are individuals who still see thier role as difference makers. This moment proved that one small act, can make a lifelong impression in any difficult situation. Matt Kemp, you have another fan here in me. Good job!

  1. eman163 says:

    We also need more NY Rangers coverage!

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