Torts Fired, Sather Stays?!

Posted: May 30, 2013 by B in NHL, Rangers, Rants

Today the New York Rangers fired John Tortorella, just days after the Blue Shirts were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Tortorella has been criticized for his brash style, run-ins with the media, and alienating his star players…see Brad Richards.

My question is…


In his 13 years with the club, the Rangers have won only five playoff series and never reached the Stanley Cup Finals. Why does James Dolan keep him on board? Does Sather have something on Dolan to ensure that he has a job at the Garden for life? Dolan is truly a puzzling individual himself and who he chooses to associate his loyalties with … see Isaiah Thomas.

Nonetheless, Sather isn’t getting the job done. He has thrown money at the wrong free agents and has created a team of underachievers. Sather is resting on his Edmonton Oilers laurels. Bottom line…

Sather needs to GO!… see Fire the Wilpons article


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