King James vs. Tim Duncan – The NBA Finals Start Tonight

Posted: June 6, 2013 by B in NBA

The NBA Finals start tonight! The Miami Heat vs. the San Antonio Spurs, who do you have? The Spurs have been off for nine days and I doubt that they have been able to replicate game time scrimmages and rigors of battling in an all out war. The Heat were pushed to the limit, but came across victors in a game seven showdown with the Indiana Pacers. King James proved why is the best player in the NBA (stay tuned for Pierce’s riveting article on King James) and lifted his team to the NBA finals. Gone are the Big Three in Miami, this is James back in his days with the Cleveland Cavs. D Wade showed up in game seven, but will his ailing knee bothering him throughout the playoffs? I think the two of the Big Three will show up in the Finals.


The Spurs are the best team in the NBA. Tim Duncan has looked better than ever and is chasing his fifth championship… Yes..FIFTH! He is a three-time Final MVP and has probably the best supporting cast of the two teams. He is arguably the best player in his generation! The Spurs also have Greg Popovich. I heard a comparison that he is the NBA’s version of Bill Belichick and I can’t argue that.

Tonight is the NBA finals. I wish I was watching it at a bar, but word is one of the NY Sports Nutz is on the IR. I have the Spurs winning in seven and Tim Duncan getting his fourth Finals MVP! And I’ll be at home watching it on TV.


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