MLB Continues its Witch hunt

Posted: June 11, 2013 by OnDNxtLvl in Uncategorized


MLB has finally found its golden goose. Seven years after its fruitless witch hunt sparked by the Balco controversy, Major League Baseball has found a willful party to testify against its own employees. Tony Bosch, founder and CEO of Biogenisis, will reportedly cooperate with MLB’s investigation and provide testimony implicating the use of performance enhancing drugs by nearly 25 baseball players. Most notably, former MVP’s Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.
Bud Selig and the U.S. government have long been after a big fish in baseball. They’ve spent over $70 million dollars on the Barry Bonds perjury investigation/trial, because…you know…they couldn’t prove he used steroids so they tried to prove that he lied about not using them. That didn’t work. A few years later the government spent $120 million on the Roger Clemens investigation and subsequent trial…another failure. Now MLB is putting its money where it’s mouth is, funding an investigation in effort to levy significant suspensions and they have flipped Tony Bosch in the process.
This promises to be a lengthy process. MLB will first have to build a case strong enough to prove each player has taken performance enhancing drugs since it does not have any positive PED tests to reference. Once they bring each case to the players union each player will have the right to appeal. Seeing as how MLB’s case hinges on the word and records of Bosch, who undoubtedly has self preservation in mind, the players union will channel its energies on character defamation and MLB’s execution of the suspension process. Selig will try to penalize both Arod and Braun twice each, once for using PEDs and once more for lying about it to investigators. That would bring the typical 50 game suspension to 100 games, a landmark move the union will undoubtedly protest. Also, the fact that the impending suspensions were leaked to ESPN’s Outside the Lines program will be a topic of conversation since all PED investigations are to be completely undisclosed until a suspension is announced. An apparent breach of the collective bargaining agreement.
There is a long road ahead of the Bud Selig and his minions but he is intent on catching a big fish. This may not see a resolution this season, but don’t you worry, they’ll spare no expense to get their man or more acquittal. I can’t think of a better way to spend $200 million, can you?



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