Dear Roger Godell…

Posted: June 30, 2013 by B in Giants, Jets, NFL

Dear Mr. Godell,

I’m a die-hard football fan, a New York Jets fan, but that is neither here nor there. I have one question for you. What has the NFL become? You have done so much to improve parity in this sport, build a brand, and create buzz that us fans can’t wait till voluntary workouts and training camp.

But, what are you doing to address the criminality in your sport?

There have been twenty-three arrests of NFL players, since the Super Bowl. Twenty-three arrests until the major first degree murder charge and five counts of gun charges against Aaron Hernandez. On the same day, Ausar Walcott, a rookie, is charged with attempted murder for punching a man outside a club and yesterday the arrest of Joe Lefegad, an Indianapolis Colt, for gun charges. It seems that your sport cannot get out of the news, but for all the wrong reasons. There are over 1,600 players in the NFL (which also include 5 players on practice squads). Major League Baseball can host similar numbers with over 1,300 in the majors and an exponential number in all their minor league affiliates. So why do we hear so much more about the NFL and the situations these players get themselves into over MLB players?

You have a bunch of criminals in your sport, that’s the bottom line. But do we give them a shot because of the violent nature of the sport? Do we not care because the facemasks hide their real identity? But Mr. Godell, what are you doing about this? I’m sure you care. What answers do you have to help these young players move past their criminal backgrounds, their gang affiliations, and fascination with guns? Your rookie symposium just doesn’t seem to work. What punishments, suspensions, and fines will you impose to make this criminal lifestyle less of the focus in the NFL?

I am concerned. I am more concerned that the dollar and cents outweigh the moral dilemmas of right and wrong. I am concerned that win at all costs really means win with the running back that has two gun charges and the safety with a cache of automatic weapons in my starting lineup over the undrafted free agent who will give his all just to make the practice squad. These are some of my concerns.

What are yours Mr. Godell? But more importantly, I ask you again, what are doing about the criminality in your sport?




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