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We Need More Players Like This!

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You have probably seen the random act of kindness the Dodgers Matt Kemp displayed at a recent game against the Giants at AT&T Park (If you haven’t, check it out below). An ailing boy, Joshua, and his father were in the stands and the boy’s father struck up a conversation with the Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach throughout the game. He explained that Joshua was sick and Matt Kemp was his favorite player. As Kemp made the final out of the game, Wallach looked for Kemp in the dugout and brought him over to Joshua. What took place next is why many of us have sports heros and are fans of athletes. Kemp signed a ball, gave Joshua his hat, jersey, and game spikes, shook both Joshua and his father’s hand and ran back to the Dodger dugout.

As you watch the video, look at Joshua’s face and how his eyes light up. This is what sports does and why we still look for heros in it. Despite the millions of dollars athletes are paid, the PED scandals, the cheaters, and the liars, there are individuals who still see thier role as difference makers. This moment proved that one small act, can make a lifelong impression in any difficult situation. Matt Kemp, you have another fan here in me. Good job!

Have We Seen the Last of Derek Jeter?

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As news broke yesterday of the small crack in his surgically repaired left ankle, I couldn’t help but ask the question – Have we seen the last of Derek Jeter? Although surgery will not be required, Jeter will be sidelined till after the All-Star Break giving him time to help the crack heal. Jeter is 38 and it seems his body is now experiencing the rigors of age.  What does that mean for him moving forward? Jeter will push himself to beyond his limits to return, but what will Jeter be when he returns? This is the question.


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BREAKING NEWS: Yanks Triple Play!

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Is This the End of A-Rod?

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The report from New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt continues to lend credence to the lengths Alex Rodriguez will go to deny his use of performance enhancing drugs. A-Rod has been linked to steroids since his time with the Texas Rangers and this latest report adds to the lengths A-Rod will go to cover his tracks. Schmidt alleges that A-Rod tried to buy documents from the South Florida anti-aging clinic to keep it out of Major League Baseball’s hands. In an unprecedented move, MLB purchased all available documents from the clinic to prevent other MLB players implicated in this scandal to follow A-Rod’s lead.

So what does this mean for A-Rod? Who knows…it just adds to the tangled web A-Rod has weaved over the course of his MLB career. In conversation with colleagues, who is to say that A-Rod hasn’t been taking steroids since he was in high school? These are strong allegations, but I wouldn’t be surprised about anything with him anymore. This is just the latest case of A-Rod stealing millions and not being held accountable for anything. How much is honesty worth? Does it matter? A-Rod still has 5 years and $114 million left on his record breaking 10-year $275 million contract. I guess money can by all the cover-up you want, but the truth will always set you free.

Here is the link to Schmidt’s New York Times article.