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MLB has finally found its golden goose. Seven years after its fruitless witch hunt sparked by the Balco controversy, Major League Baseball has found a willful party to testify against its own employees. Tony Bosch, founder and CEO of Biogenisis, will reportedly cooperate with MLB’s investigation and provide testimony implicating the use of performance enhancing drugs by nearly 25 baseball players. Most notably, former MVP’s Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.
Bud Selig and the U.S. government have long been after a big fish in baseball. They’ve spent over $70 million dollars on the Barry Bonds perjury investigation/trial, because…you know…they couldn’t prove he used steroids so they tried to prove that he lied about not using them. That didn’t work. A few years later the government spent $120 million on the Roger Clemens investigation and subsequent trial…another failure. Now MLB is putting its money where it’s mouth is, funding an investigation in effort to levy significant suspensions and they have flipped Tony Bosch in the process.
This promises to be a lengthy process. MLB will first have to build a case strong enough to prove each player has taken performance enhancing drugs since it does not have any positive PED tests to reference. Once they bring each case to the players union each player will have the right to appeal. Seeing as how MLB’s case hinges on the word and records of Bosch, who undoubtedly has self preservation in mind, the players union will channel its energies on character defamation and MLB’s execution of the suspension process. Selig will try to penalize both Arod and Braun twice each, once for using PEDs and once more for lying about it to investigators. That would bring the typical 50 game suspension to 100 games, a landmark move the union will undoubtedly protest. Also, the fact that the impending suspensions were leaked to ESPN’s Outside the Lines program will be a topic of conversation since all PED investigations are to be completely undisclosed until a suspension is announced. An apparent breach of the collective bargaining agreement.
There is a long road ahead of the Bud Selig and his minions but he is intent on catching a big fish. This may not see a resolution this season, but don’t you worry, they’ll spare no expense to get their man or more acquittal. I can’t think of a better way to spend $200 million, can you?





Sergio Garcia hates Tiger Woods, that much is evident. That is why in the midst of a very public feud, Sergio let loose the kind of barb that has become far too common in the world of professional golf. When asked if Sergio would have Tiger over for dinner Sergio replied, “we’ll have him over for dinner every night” he began to walk away, turned and said “we’ll serve fried chicken”. Ah yes, the tried and true subjugating fried chicken reference – an infamous put down to the African-American community. One would think golfers would be sensitive to this sort of language after Fuzzy Zoeller, winner of the 1979 Masters and the 1984 U.S. Open, said after Tiger’s 1997 Masters win, “that little boy is driving well and putting well…” he went on to say, referring to the fact that the Masters winner selects the dinner menu for the following Masters dinner “tell him not to serve fried chicken next year….or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve”. Disturbingly enough these aren’t the only racially insensitive comments aimed at Tiger Woods by those in the golfing profession. Just 5 years ago, Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman offered up this solution to young golfers looking to unseat Tiger as the worlds top golfer during a live broadcast, she said they should gang up and “lynch him in a back alley.” Kelly was reprimanded by the public and suspended by the Golf channel. How did Golfweek Magazine decide to cover this huge misstep, their next issue featured a picture of a noose on the cover. Ouch, talk about twisting the knife.

Now are all or any of the aforementioned comments race driven? Perhaps not. Are Sergio, Fuzzy and Kelly all racist? We may never know, but the history of Golf, the PGA and it’s founders speak to a disturbing view of racial inequality and antiquated social views and practices. In 1975, not 1925, but1975, Cliff Roberts, co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club (yes, that Augusta), stated “as long as I’m alive, golfers will be white and caddies will be black.” In 1990 the founder of Shoal Creek Country Club in Alabama, site of the PGA championship that year, stated “we don’t discriminate in every other area except the blacks”. After public pressure following that statement both Shoal Creek and Augusta admitted their first black members that year. Shoal Creek, designed by Jack Nicklaus and rated the top golf club in the state admitted it’s first woman members in 2009. Augusta national joined the fray and admitted it’s first few female members in 2012, amongst them…Condoleezza Rice.

Now none of us are naïve enough to think racism and inequality doesn’t permeate each of the major U.S. sports in some capacity. However, many esteemed private golf clubs seem to be intently overt and sometimes even prideful of this shameful behavior. Their practice of membership via invite only (no applications allowed) almost seems to protect their shady interest. NCAA football still has leaps and bounds to go before it’s hiring practices are considered inclusive of all races and the NFL needs to revisit it’s Rooney rule to ensure fair hiring practices. However the latter has made tremendous strides in leveling the playing field in it’s hiring of front office and coaching positions. Meanwhile, Tiger is simply trying to go a few years without being chastised for perhaps enjoying Popeye’s Chicken every once in a while. I mean, who doesn’t love fried chicken? I wonder, what would these clubs say if he actually wanted to work at Augusta? Would he be offered a position as Sergio’s caddie?




Where Brooklyn At??!!

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Round two of the Eastern Conference Playoffs have begun without the disappointing Brooklyn Nets – even though they had everything breaking their way going into game seven vs. the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose was doing his best Jeremy Lin impression (sitting out even while healthy enough to play), both Luol Deng and Kirk Henrich were out with injuries, Nate Robinson was fresh off of throwing up into trash cans during game 6 and Joakim Noah was playing on just one foot. So all BK had to do was show up, right? Seems they took that sentiment to heart. The effort of the BK Nets during their game 7 showdown with the Bulls was just despicable. They got all around effort from their only two bulldogs, Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans, the rest of the team was listless and played uninspired ball.  Their big three, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez were handily out hustled by the Chicago Bulls. After the game, Brook Lopez said, “they just had more energy and focus than we did….we didn’t match their intensity”. That’s a sad statement and an indictment of the Nets roster.


Marco Belinelli let the Nets know who had the bigger, errr, heart on Saturday night.

If you can’t get up for a game seven of the NBA playoffs on your home court, what will you get up for? The Nets are all in on their big three, so the easy fix here is to dump the coach.  PJ Carlesimo will not be retained, that announcement was made the day following the Nets ouster from the playoffs. There are a number of dream scenarios for BK fans. Phil Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy being swayed out of retirement to coach this group? Sorry guys, I don’t see that happening. The Celtics letting Doc Rivers out of his contract as Danny Ainge blows up the roster and starts over? Also, not likely. More feasible is the hiring of a Stan Van Gundy, famously fired during the end of the Dwight Howard saga in Orlando.  All this will be moot point however, if the Nets don’t find some heart, some guts and show up to play in the playoffs instead of botching the opportunity of a lifetime.  On the bright side, the Nets gave us the ever-lasting memory of allowing Marco Bellini perform the “big cojones” dance on their home court after hitting a big three-pointer with five minutes left in game 7.  The Chicago faithful thank you and longtime Nets fans aren’t surprised.  New building – same old Nets



Isles Win 4-1

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The New York Islanders beat the Philadelphia Flyers by a score of 4-1 tonight at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The Isles tied the game at 1-1 with Matt Moulson’s 13 of the year in the first period. Michael Grabner (13) goal in the second period allowed the Isles to take 2-1 lead and the Isles didn’t look back from there. John Tavaras added is team leading 24th goal in the third, while Casey Cizikas (6) added an empty netter. The Islanders now sit with 44 pts in the conference and sole possession of 7th place. This young team is exciting and are having fun! Let’s get to the playoffs boys!


Mudder Training: Never Give Up!

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Mudder countdown…T-minus 40 Days